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Provisional Minutes

Meeting: February 22, 2007

Opening Prayer by Acting Chaplain George Peacock

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting opened by Commander Dale Smith at 1900 hrs

Attendance: 16 members

Roll Call of Officers: Senior Vice Gary Ellis excused. Junior Vice Bill Reed excused. Chaplin Raul Reyes excused.

Minutes of last meeting:

Cmdr Smith directed that the minutes of the previous meeting (January 25,2007) be amended to reflect that our post was buying the back page at a price of $150.00. Comrade Aaron DiCello made a motion to accept the minutes of the 25 January 2007 meeting as amended. 2nd by Comrade Chuck Printz. Approved

Quartermaster’s report:

Beginning balance 6957.17
Receipts: 193.00
Expenditures: 3711.25
Current balance: 3438.92

There is 329.50 in the relief fund and 379.61 dues reserve for a total of 709.11 committed to reserve, leaving 2729.81 in uncommitted funds.
Comrade Carlos Stinnett made a motion that the quartermaster report be accepted as read pending the trustee audit. 2nd by Comrade Daryl Keck. - Approved (An explanation was provided that the above expenditures included the $3000.00 that was put into a Certificate of Deposit as approved at the last meeting.)

Old Business:


New Business:

1. Cmdr Smith explained that the Mountain Home American Legion Post 22, who normally sponsors kids in the Girl’s State/Boy’s State Program, was going to sponsor two of the four girls from Glenns Ferry. They requested that our VFW post consider sponsoring the other two girls from Glenns Ferry, due to the fact that there is no active American Legion Post here. The total cost would be $450.00. Comrade Chuck Printz made a motion to sponsor two girls in the Girl’s State Program. 2nd by Comrade Aaron DiCello. Approved

2. Comrade Henry Hibbert, who couldn’t make it tonight, asked Cmdr Smith to bring up a suggestion that the post form a 6-8 member rifle detail, who would each be assigned responsibility for a rifle for cleaning and maintenance. He also suggested that the squad would practice once a month for duty as an Honor Detail. The floor was opened for discussion, and many points of view were presented. The consensus was that the discussion could be tabled, as the majority felt that anyone and everyone who was interested would present there name to the adjutant. Then all volunteers would be informed of a date to clean and become familiar with our rifles, and all would be given the opportunity to practice. It was decided that because there was no expenditure of funds involved, that a motion was not necessary; and the item would be considered an open action.

Comrades in Distress:

1. Comrade Erv Hoagland was having some concerns, but no details were available.
2. Comrade Bruce McGaw has cancer of the stomach, gall bladder and pancreas. The prognosis is no good.
3. Comrade Gary Ellis is still fighting his leukemia and has been put on a new treatment.
4. Comrade Bob Randall’s wife, Susan, is also fighting cancer, and is waiting for more test results.

Good of the Order

1. Cmdr Smith nominated Comrade George Peacock as the Safety Person of the Year. 2nd by Comrade Quartermaster Don Holloway. Approved
2. Quartermaster Holloway made a motion to not approve any funds as a donation for the National VFW Military Assistance Program. 2nd by Comrade Bob Randall. Approved
3. The next District 6 meeting will be on Sunday 25 February 2007 in Gooding at 1300 hours.
4. The next Red Cross Blood drive is March 14th here at the hall.
5. There will be a Casino Night here on 31 March 2007, to raise money for the (Glenns Ferry) Pilot Booster Association. Several members brought up that previous Casino Nights have been fun functions to attend, and that they were for a worthy cause.
6. Cmdr Smith recognized Comrade Larson, Comrade Reed, and Comrade Holloway for going with him to participate in a project in Boise at the VFW State HQ building.

National Home Remembered by Acting Chaplain Peacock

Closing prayer by Acting Chaplain Peacock

Meeting closed by Commander Smith - 1930 hours

The next regular VFW meeting will be 15 March 2007 at 1900 hours

Submitted by Gary Nelson, VFW Post 3646 Adjutant

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