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Archived Minutes

Meeting: September 21, 2006 - 1907 hours

Opening Prayer by Chaplain Reyes

Meeting opened by Commander Dale Smith

Attendance: 26 members, 1 visitor - District 6 Commander Harvey Pilant

Mustering in of recruits: Cmdr Smith swore in new member Stanley Branch

Minutes of last meeting: Senior Vice Gary Ellis made a motion to accept the minutes of the 15 Jun 2006 meeting as published. 2nd by Comrade Darrell Main. - Approved

Quartermaster’s report:
Beginning balance for Aug 3613.02
Receipts: 257.25
Expenditures: 444.00
Current Bal: 3426.27
Commander (Cmdr) Smith asked if there were any questions concerning the QM report. There were no questions, nor comments.
Comrade Lowell Goins made a motion that the quartermaster report be accepted as read. 2nd by Comrade Harold Wertz. - Approved

Roll call of officers: all present

Service Officer report:
1. Cmdr Smith reported that on 12 October 2006 from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM, the state service officer (Gina Stamper 208-334-1245) would be available at the VFW Hall. (Wayde Baumgardner, the county’s new Service Officer, should also be available. His numbers are 208-587-7669 (home) and 208-587-4909 (work)). The membership is encouraged to contact Quartermaster Don Holloway ahead of time if they needed a specific time for an appointment.

Report of Comrades in Distress:
1. Cmdr Smith reported that Comrade Elmer Sheldon, a WWII veteran, had passed away on 14 Sep.
2. Cmdr Smith asked if anyone had any news on Comrade (Windell )“Wink” Martin. No one had any information.
3. Cmdr Smith reported that he had a new address for Comrade Mike Garcia, now in the Meridian area.
4. Cmdr Smith asked if their were any other comrades in distress, or their families? None

Committee Reports:
1. Cmdr Smith briefed the membership that he had taken the information for this years Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen, and Teachers of the Year Program in the school this week. Every student in the high school and every student in the sixth through the eighth grade should be participating in the program. Cmdr Smith then briefed awards and amounts from previous years. Following a lively discussion, Comrade Aaron Dicello made a motion to allocate $487.50 as awards for these programs. 2nd by Comrade Jerry Wilhite. - Approved

2. Following Cmdr Smith’s explanation of what our post had previously donated in support of Operation Uplink, Comrade Wilhite made a motion to increase our support to a total of $200.00. 2nd by Comrade K.C Duerig. - Approved

3. Cmdr Smith reported on our previous support to the Political Action Committee (PAC) of Idaho. A motion was made by Comrade Main to donate $100.00 to the PAC. 2nd by Comrade Robert Randall. - Approved

4. Cmdr Smith briefed that Bud Boone had donated $3000.00 to the post as a part of his estate. Although no money has yet been received, Cmdr Smith requested that the membership think of possibilities for a permanent Bud Boone Voice of Democracy award, or something of that nature. The money will belong to the post and has not been earmarked. So think about possibilities for a way to remember Bud Boone.

4. Cmdr Smith also reported that there will a retirement day at MHAFB, on 29 September. Carl Olson is running it, and has asked for a VFW table. The health fair portion begins at 10:00 AM, then after lunch , at 1:00 PM, the base briefs what the base support for new retirees from the Air Force. Senior Vice Gary Ellis will be there to answer VFW questions.

5. Cmdr Smith’s reiterated what he put out in the newsletter: at the National Convention, there was a vote to raise life and continuous dues for VFW membership. Effective 1 January 2007, continuous dues are going up $3.00 per year and that life membership would be as follows:

Age Old Rate New Rat
under 30 $245.00 $425.00
31-40 $235.00 $410.00
41-50 $215.00 $375.00
51-60 $195.00 $335.00
61-70 $165.00 $290.00
71-80 $125.00 $225.00
81 and over $ 85.00 $170.00
At the current rate of $20:00 for continuous dues, if no action is taken, our post would get back $2.00 per continuous dues paying member. Senior Vice Ellis made a motion that we raise our continuous dues to $25.00 per year. 2nd by Comrade Jake Dillon. - Approved

6. Cmdr Smith briefed that our post would be putting on a Veterans Day Program at the school on 10 November. The Vice Wing Commander from MHAFB will be the guest speaker, then we will have some of the students speak. Cmdr Smith also relayed that he had been approached by several people to put on a program on 11 Nov at the cemetery. The Cmdr thought that basically it should have at least a prayer, a few words from a guest speaker, then finish it up with taps. Think about it, and share your ideas. We also will be having a dinner for all Veterans and their spouses, the evening of 11 November.

It was discussed and agreed that the VFW would give out Buddy Poppies at Wal-Mart, Albertson’s, and Paul’s, pending approval from the store managers, on 10 November. Senior Vice Ellis will contact Wal- Mart. Comrade Dicello will contact Albertsons. Comrade Goins will contact Paul’s. Quartermaster Holloway stated that if we were going to give away poppies, the post would need to purchase another 3000 poppies. Comrade Dillon made a motion to purchase 3000 Buddy Poppies. 2nd by Comrade Randall. - Approved

National Home Remembered by Chaplain Reyes
Old Business: none
New Business: none

Good of the Order
1. Senior Vice Ellis briefed the life insurance offers mailed out by for Dept of Idaho VFW, and how responding helps financially at the state level. Senior Vice Ellis also emphasized how important it is when recruiting new members into the VFW to get the correct form and fill it out correctly, then getting it to our quartermaster so everyone gets the proper credit. Senior Vice Ellis has about 150 of the correct forms in his brief case and will be more than happy to share. Please contact him if you need any assistance in this area.

2. Senior Vice Ellis also stated although he hasn’t seen this problem in our district, over the year many posts have not had any representation at the State conventions to elect the new line officers. So if you meet someone from another post in you travels, please re-iterate how important it is to have representation at the conventions.

3. Senior Vice Ellis also stated that it was the Dept of Idaho VFW’s 75th anniversary, and that a special hat and commemorative coin were available in limited supply for $5.00 each. Order from Comrade QM Don Holloway.

4. The next District 6 meeting will be 15 October in Twin Falls (at VFW Post 2136).

Closing prayer by Chaplain Reyes
Meeting closed by Commander Smith - 1953 hours
Next meeting will be 19 October at 1900 hours

Submitted by Gary Nelson, VFW Post 3646 Adjutant

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