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Archived Minutes

Meeting: June 15, 2006 - 1900 hours

Meeting opened by Commander Dale Smith

Attendance: 16 members

Roll call of officers:
Senior Vice Ellis - excused
Junior Vice Reed - excused
Adjutant Randall- absent. Comrade Nelson appointed as acting adjutant.
Chaplain Stinnett - absent. Comrade Main appointed as acting chaplain.

Opening Prayer by Chaplain Main

Minutes of last meeting were unavailable.

Quartermaster's report:
May 16,2006 Bal: 3409.67
Receipts: 934.50
Expenditures: 417.14
Current Bal: 3927.03
Commander (Cmdr) Smith asked if there were any questions concerning the QM report. Receiving no questions, Cmdr Smith stated the report was approved.

Old Business:
1. Cmdr Smith reported that the VFW Post 3646 normally sponsored a hole for $25.00 at the Bob Mullen Memorial Golf Tournament. Bob Mullen was a combat veteran and Bronze Star recipient. The Bob Mullen Memorial Golf Tournament helps raise money for scholarships at the school. Comrade Don Holloway added the Bob Mullen had been a member of our post. Comrade Chuck Printz made a motion that the post sponsor a hole at the tournament for $25.00. 2nd by Comrade Joe Morton. - Approved

2. Following Cmdr Smith's explanation that in the past our post has also sponsored a hole at the Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament (6 Aug 2006) because of our close working relationship with the chamber, Comrade Printz made a motion that we sponsor a hole for $25.00. 2nd by Comrade Russ Sandstrom. - Approved

3. Cmdr Smith reported on the VFW Hall liability insurance situation, current premiums, and added amount required to cover (VFW) Dept ofIdaho, as well as National under our policy. (Senior Vice) Gary (Ellis) had obtained a package from National VFW with a quote of$918.00 which includes the added requirement. Following a short discussion of the merits of continuing to support our local agency vs. the cost, a motion was made by Comrade Morton to go with the National VFW quote. 2nd by Comrade Earl Gardner. - Approved

4. Cmdr Smith briefed the post on the Homecoming that will be held for the our new State Commander (Gary Ellis) and how the costs have been handled. Comrade Holloway made a motion that we approve $500.00 to help with this expense. 2nd by Comrade Darrell Main. - Approved. Cmdr Smith elaborated that if any of the money was not needed, it would be returned to the post.

5. Cmdr Smith reported that next year was a special year for Dept of Idaho VFW. It was the 75th anniversary, and that a special hat and commemorative coin were avaHable in limited supply for $5.00 each. Order from Comrade QM Don Holloway, and he would call, reserve, then pick up the order from Boise.

6. Cmdr Smith briefed the 4th of July parade. If the post is asked to provide the honor guard, we would need 3 individuals. Training for the honor guard will take place in the Hall at 10:00 AM whether we are asked, or not. Also need people to work the booth at the City Park for the 4th of July, and people to set up on the 3rd

7. Comrade QM Holloway briefed that there had been a request to order from the catalog, so if any members had items they were interested in, now would be a good time to order because the shipping costs would be spread out.

National Home Remembered by Chaplain Main

New Business:

Good of the Order I Service Officer report:
1. Comrade KC Duerig read an article about how the "Silent Majority" could show support for our troops by wearing red on Fridays, and passing on the message. This movement would build until there was a "Sea of Red" each and every Friday until all of our troops came home, and would signifY to our troops that the silent majority supported them. Comrade Duerig said he would post the article on the post website at

Installation of Officers:
Cmdr Smith gave the oath of office to the new officers for the upcoming 2006-2007 season.

Closing prayer by Chaplain Main
An impromptu discussion regarding missed meetings by officers was tabled by the post commander. The commander requested latitude to reiterate the importance of attendance; and, communicating with the commander when that officer is unable to attend.

Meeting closed by Commander Smith - 1939 hours
Next meeting will be 21 September at 1900 hours

Submitted by Gary Nelson, Acting Adjutant, Post 3646

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