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Amended Minutes

Meeting: January 25, 2007

Opening Prayer by Chaplain Reyes

Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting opened by Commander Dale Smith at 1920 hrs

Attendance: 19 members

Roll Call of Officers:
Senior Vice Ellis excused. 2-yr Trustee Dicello excused (Comrade Roger Fogelman to act as temporary trustee.)

Minutes of last meeting:

Junior Vice Bill Reed made a motion to accept the minutes of the 19 October 2006 meeting and the minutes of the special 17 December 2006 meeting as published. 2nd by Comrade Earl Gardner. Approved

Quartermaster’s report:

Beginning balance 3705.67
Receipts: 3416.50
Expenditures: 165.00
Current balance: 6957.17
Comrade Henry Hibbert made a motion that the quartermaster report be accepted as read pending the trustee audit. 2nd by Comrade Bill Kenyon. - Approved

Service Officer report:
v 1. Cmdr Smith reported that the last Veterans Outreach Day (on 12 Oct 2006) was a success and that another will probably be scheduled soon.

Report of Comrades in Distress:

1. Cmdr Smith reported that post members had pitched in to help Comrade Sam Blackwell (who was burned out completely) and family, helping them move, etc. Cmdr Smith also help fill out a grant request for the Blackwell’s that was brought to our attention by Tom Ressler, the State Service Officer. That grant has already been approved and disbursed. The post also provided the facilities to a successful fund raiser this past Saturday.
2. Quartermaster Holloway reported that Comrade Bruce McGaw was hospitalized at St Lukes with an undetermined ailment. Cmdr Smith will check into this.

National Home Remembered by Chaplain Reyes

Old Business:

1. Comrade Henry Hibbert updated information about the Veteran’s Home in Boise. They are accepting VCR’s and TV’s, but they have to be less than two years old.

New Business:

1. Cmdr Smith congratulated Comrade Gary Nelson, and gave him a certificate recognizing his appointment as National Deputy Chief of Staff.
2. Membership Awards. Cmdr Smith explained the recruiting program and recognized Junior Vice Bill Reed for recruiting five new members and for his appointment to the national convention. Bill will be going to D.C. for the Communities Activities and Legislation Conference. Quartermaster Don Holloway recruited five new members, Cmdr Smith recruited five new members and Senior Vice Gary Ellis recruited three new members. The post is now at 112% for membership, the top in the State.
3. The post has received the money from Bud Boones estate (originally brief during the September 21, 2006 meeting). A discussion was held on various possibilities for best honoring Bud Boone, while wisely utilizing the monies. Comrade Bill Mitchell made a motion to put the monies into a Certificate of Deposit (CD) and use part of the annual interest to fund the first place award for the Patriot Pen Competition. 2nd by Comrade Earl Gardner. The floor was again opened for additional discussion. Following more discussion, Cmdr Smith called for a vote. - Approved
Cmdr Smith then appointed a committee consisting of Quartermaster Don Holloway, Comrade Earl Gardner, and Adjutant Gary Nelson to find out the best interest rate and to complete the CD transaction.
4. Comrade Charles Printz made a motion to buy the back page (of the Dept of Idaho VFW 75th Annual Convention 2006-2007 booklet) at the cost of $150.00. 2nd by Comrade Henry Hibbert. - Approved
5. Cmdr Smith briefed that volunteers would be needed to help out with things like registration at the state convention. Don Holloway had been appointed as the events chairman for the Convention. Comrade Holloway announced that the cancer auction would be held on a Monday night along with the Western Bar-B-Que.
6. Cmdr Smith then requested a volunteer to be the computer expert for the post. Adjutant Nelson volunteered.

Good of the Order

1. Comrade Roger Fogleman provided flyers and briefed the Mountain Home AFB Valentine Banquet on 15 Feb 2007, welcoming all members sign up and attend.

Closing prayer by Chaplain Reyes

Meeting closed by Commander Smith - 1936 hours

The next regular VFW meeting will be 22 February 2007 at 1900 hours
The next District 6 meeting will be on 25 February 2007 in Gooding at 1300 hours.

Submitted by Gary Nelson, VFW Post 3646 Adjutant

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