Glenns Ferry Post 3646
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Membership Application
FAQ on Membership
Please print this page then type or print ALL information requested below.Return to PO Box 483, Glenns Ferry, ID 83623
Last Name:    __________________________________
First Name:    __________________________________
Middle Name:    ________________________________
Address:    _____________________________________
City:    ________________________________________
State:    _________________   ZIP:    ______________
Home Phone:    ________________________________
Work Phone:    ________________________________
Social Security #:    _____________________________
Date of Birth:    ________________________________

If you are a former Member:
VFW Post #:    _______________
City & State:    _________________________________

Active Duty ONLY please provide Home of Record:
Address:    _____________________________________
City:    ________________________________________
State:    _________________   ZIP:   ______________

Please indicate Branch of Service:
Army    Navy    Air Force
Marines    Coast Guard

Please indicate Foreign Service Area:

WWI    WWII    Korea
Vietnam    Desert Storm    Expeditionary
Occupation    CIB/CMB    Combat Action
Other:    ______________________

Foreign Service dates from ________ to _________
Campaign Medal(s) or Ribbon(s)_______________

I hereby apply for Annual   Life Membership
in Glenns Ferry VFW Post 3646, Glenns Ferry, Idaho

I certify that I am a citizen of the United States, that my Campaign Service was honorable, that I have never subsequently been discharged under dishonorable conditions. I further state that I believe in God. I further give authority to the Veterans of Foreign Wars to verify honorable overseas service entitling me to membership.

Signature of Applicant

Date Signed


     In the presence of Almighty God, I do, of my own free will and accord, solemnly promise and declare that:
     I will bear true allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and I will always be loyal thereto. I do further solemnly promise and declare that I will comply with the Congressional Charter, By-Laws and Ritual of this order and I will always be loyal thereto; that I will never wrong or defraud this organization nor a member thereof nor permit any wrong to be done to either if in my power to prevent it.
     I will never propose for membership any person not eligible nor one whom I know to be unworthy.
     I will never make known to anyone not authorized to receive it any of the work of this order.
     Should my affiliation with the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States cease in any way I will consider this pledge as binding outside of the order as though I had remained a member of same.
     All this I promise and pledge upon the honor of a true comrade and a citizen of our great republic.

Signature of Applicant

     I have investigated the character and campaign medal service of the applicant and hereby endorse him/her as eligible and worthy of membership in the VFW.

Signed ___________________________________________
Date ___________ Member of Post No._______________

Date: _______________
Admission Fee: $ _____________
Annual Dues Paid: $ _____________
Life Membership Paid: $ _____________
     The investigating Committee has performed its duties and recommends ___ Approval ___ Rejection.
Signatures of the Investigation Committee
Applicant Approved:
Date: _____________
Date: _____________